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Programs & Services

At MLCN Urban Services Inc., we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to our off-reserve members. Our programs and services are designed to address the unique needs of our community. Whether you are seeking resources for personal growth, family support, or community engagement, our team is here to help. Learn more about our wide range of programs and services below:

Jordan's Principle

Jordan's Principle ensures that all First Nations children have timely access to essential services, supports, and products. Named after Jordan Anderson from Norway House, Manitoba, this principle addresses unmet needs in areas such as mental health services, medical supplies, respite, tutoring, and speech therapy. Montreal Lake members are encouraged to contact the Jordan's Principle Service Coordinator if they know a First Nations child with any health, social, or educational needs or have any questions.


Our Housing program is dedicated to providing safe and affordable housing options for our community members. We offer various housing applications and support services to assist you in securing a comfortable home. Our goal is to ensure that all members have access to suitable living conditions. To learn more about our housing services and to download applications, please visit our full page on Housing.

Post Secondary

We are committed to supporting the educational aspirations of our members. Our Post-Secondary Funding program provides financial assistance for those pursuing higher education. This program includes funding applications and comprehensive policies designed to ensure fair and accessible support for all eligible students. Whether you are beginning your academic journey or continuing your studies, our funding resources are here to help you achieve your educational goals. For more information and to access applications, please visit our full page on Post-Secondary Funding.

Mental Health

We prioritize the mental well-being of our members. We are proud to offer access to a dedicated mental health therapist for our urban members. Our mental health services are designed to provide compassionate and professional support, helping individuals navigate life's challenges and improve their overall well-being. Whether you need someone to talk to, guidance on coping strategies, or comprehensive mental health care, our therapist is here to support you. For more information and to access our mental health services, please visit our full page on Mental Health Services.

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