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Executive Summary

On June 24, 2019, at a duly convened Council meeting of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation, a Band Council Resolution was passed supporting the establishment of a non-profit MLCN Urban Services Inc., which would set up its own structure and operations, apply for various grants and pursue other funding opportunities, and serve off-reserve members.

MLCN Urban Services Inc. was incorporated as a Saskatchewan Non-profit Charitable under The Non-profit Corporations Act, 1995, on September 15, 2019.

The office of MLCN Urban Services Inc. is located at 3601-5th Ave East, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

MLCN Urban Services Inc. is governed by a Board comprised of 8 Directors. The day-to-day functions of the Corporation will be overseen by an Off-Reserve Coordinator.

The mandate for MLCN Urban Services Inc. is as follows:

  • Serve MLCN Urban Services Inc.'s vision, mission, values and mandate.

  • Manage and operate programs and service delivery to the Off-Reserve Members.​

  • Oversee and provide stewardship of MLCN Urban Services Inc. interests

  • Manage funding. agreements between MLCN Urban Services Inc. and governments, including the Montreal Lake Cree Nation.

  • Protect the assets that have been entrusted to MLCN Urban Services Inc.

  • Strengthen current relationships with the Off-Reserve Members, partners, and funding agencies.

  • Develop and implement reporting and accountability measures to the Voting Members and funding agencies.

​MLCN Urban Services Inc. Board of Directors are desirous to approve the Strategic Plan. To establish clear direction, a workshop was held in Regina, Saskatchewan on October 23rd and 24th, 2020. Participants included the Board of Directors. An external contractor facilitated the workshop. The agenda for the workshop included:

  • Vision and mission statements.

  • Identifying internal strengths and weaknesses.

  • Identifying external opportunities and threats.

  • Setting goals and objectives.

  • Development of an action plan.

A lot of planning, thought, and discussions went into this Strategic Plan by the Board of Directors of MLCN Urban Services Inc. The Board realizes that strategic planning is an ongoing commitment that is required so MLCN Urban Services Inc. can continue to evolve over time.

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