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Performance Management


One way to promote MLCN Urban Services Inc. is to share the Strategic Plan 2021-2024 to the off-reserve members, stakeholders and partners. This demonstrates the commitment to being proactive planners.

MLCN Urban Services Inc. would be prepared to communicate the Strategic Plan through a formal presentation to its off-reserve members, stakeholders and partners upon request.


MLCN Urban Services Inc. will monitor the Strategic Plan through the Urban Coordinator on a continued basis. The Urban Coordinator will keep the Board of Directors apprised of the progress of the Action Plan and new developments.

Any type of informal feedback from the off-reserve members, stakeholders and partners will give MLCN Urban Services Inc. the ability to make any required revisions.


An internal evaluation will occur on an annual basis to identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps with the intent:

  • To determine whether the vision and mission statements are clear and give a sense of purpose and future direction to the Board and staff.

  • To determine whether the goals and objectives are aligned and remain current.

  • To determine the degree to which the goals and objectives have been attained and to identify any revisions.

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