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About MLCN Urban Services Inc.

Vision Statement

The vision statement will provide direction to MLCN Urban Services Inc., offer inspiration, and give sense of purpose for years to come.

Our Vision is to improve the quality of life for Montreal Lake Cree Nation Off-Reserve citizens through self-determination, culture, empowerment, independence and self-reliance.

Mission Statement

The mission states the primary purpose of MLCN Urban Services Inc. and guides its decision-making.

Our Mission is to facilitate the provision of programs and services to Montreal Lake Cree Nation citizens to address homelessness, poverty, unemployment, and drug and alcohol abuse in a culturally appropriate manner.

Guiding Principles and Values of the Nation

All the work as an organization is dependant on these values, which constitute the basis of how we work in the world:






& Accountability




Our Approach

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More than half of all Montreal Lake Cree Nation (MLCN) Members live off-reserve. Recognizing the unique needs of these members, a Band Council Resolution was passed in 2019 to support the establishment of a non-profit organization, MLCN Urban Services Inc. Governed by a Board of 8 Directors, MLCN Urban Services Inc. has its own structure and operations, actively pursues funding opportunities, and serves off-reserve members.

The main office is located at 3601-5th Ave East, Prince Albert, SK, with plans to develop sub-offices in Regina and Saskatoon. Our services, available to all off-reserve members, have been developed in accordance with the 2020 4-Year Strategic Plan. At present, we have 3 employees dedicated to Jordan’s Principle.

As we secure additional funding, we aim to expand our team by hiring an Operations Manager, 3 or more Youth Workers, a Mental Health Therapist, and various specialized contracted services in areas such as Education, Sports and Recreation, and Culture and Land-Based programs. Our goal is to ensure that off-reserve MLCN members receive the support and resources they need to thrive in their urban environments.

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